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We work as an integrated part of your team, from frontline to C-suite, to deliver true results and make the changes stick. We have a core group of senior M&A focused experts that we deploy across the globe.

Business Team

Are you about to buy or sell a company? Or has the time come to transfer ownership under an estate planning procedure? If so, you should remember to keep the commercial overview and secure your business transfer by means of competent counselling on all legal and practical matters.

Kaptain Group advises local and foreign companies on all legal and practical matters in connection with mergers and acquisitions in USA and abroad. This applies, whether or not it is about a share purchase or a business transfer (i.e. assets/liabilities).

A merger or acquisition may pose several problems, if not handled professionally. Therefore, many things must be taken into account. For example, relevant information must be procured; the agreement must contain the warranties required for both the buyer and the seller; the tax affairs and the consequences of the transfer must be sufficiently examined; and in other respects, the transfer must be duly completed, in every way and respect.


This means, among other things, that a number of legal disciplines must be mastered, and not least is it important to keep the commercial overview to be able to complete securely any business transfer. Kaptain Group possesses the required expertise, conferring with in-house specialists within each specific subject area, whenever needed.

Kaptain Group is also highly experienced in the completion of legal due diligence, both when preparing a business sale and when completing the actual transfer of the business.

In our experience, a business transfer has the best chances of turning out successfully, if completed in close cooperation between the company, its management and owners and the advisers involved, particularly the attorney and the auditor.

For several years, Kaptain Group has been and still is currently involved in a huge number of mergers and acquisitions within many different lines of businesses. This means that Kaptain Group has wide experience in this area, making sure that the companies and their shareholders and owners receive the proper counselling.

In connection with mergers and acquisitions abroad, Kaptain Group is also capable of offering advice by means of its international cooperation partner.

We have facilitated the successful consummation of a merger, consolidation, or acquisition transaction for several companies. The following responsibilities are a part of our role as Consultant Facilitators.

  1. Facilitating negotiations.

  2. Establishing ground rules for negotiation and information exchange.

  3. Facilitating communications, and helping all parties involved separate "fact" from "emotion."

  4. Selecting and building the negotiation team (directors, staff, outside professionals, i.e., attorneys, accountants, etc.).

  5. Assisting with and in the assessment/evaluation of the transaction's economic feasibility.

  6. Making recommendations, i.e., costs/benefits of the deal.

  7. Providing advice on the preparation of the plan of merger, consolidation, or acquisition.

  8. Coaching board chairmen and management on presenting the plan to members at information meetings.

  9. Providing advice on implementing the plan.


Recent Closures

Sale closed at $3.8 million.

M2-04190401-BAY01: Pacific IT Solutions Group - Sale closed at $3.8 million. Sale Closed on Jan 17 2024

Sale concluded at $275,000

M2-04070155-SW-11: Southwest Digital Learning Hub - Sale concluded at $275,000. Sale Closed on Dec 11 2023

Successfully sold for $600,000

M2-04092720-TX-1: Lone Star Technology Advisors - Successfully sold for $600,000. Sale Closed on Dec 2 2023

Closed Deal at 3000 times hourly gross margin

M2-04201819-H1B-ASSETS: Tech Solutions Company. - Closed deal at 3000 times hourly gross margin. Deal Closed on Nov 29 2023

Acquired for $1.3 million

M2-04103078-SE-10+: Software Solutions Company from South - Acquired for $1.3 million. Acquisition Closed on Nov 17 2023

Acquisition completed at 6 times AEBITDA

M2-04079908-FED: Federal Innovations Corporation - Acquisition completed at 6 times AEBITDA. Acquisition Closed on Nov 09 2023

Deal finalized with 70% down payment.

M2-04173317-NJ-GOV: Government Services Contractor from Garden State - Deal finalized with 70% down payment. Deal Closed on October 24 2023


Our diverse client base ranges from small staffing firms to multi-million-dollar product development businesses. We cater to various sectors, including clerical staffing, IT staffing, IT consulting, app development, and software companies.

For more information on our clients and available opportunities, please visit our clients page or contact us. Let's discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals through strategic partnerships and investments.

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